How to Join Pakistan Army As A Long Short Course PMA and Soldier Online Apply Eligibility and ISSB Test Guide

The candidates who want to join the field of ARMY must stay in count with us. The updates and information will be lined up here so that this can be helpful. How to Join Pakistan Army As A Long Short Course PMA and Soldier Online Apply Eligibility and ISSB Test Guidelines are provided online For the candidates who wish to want know about it. The students can join the Pakistan Army As A Long Short Course PMA and Soldier.

The  PMA long courses are inducted in Pakistan army as 17 graded officers. The courses are then taken 2 times in a year which has the time of the during winter and the other during summer. How to Join Pakistan Army As A Long Short Course PMA and Soldier Online Apply Eligibility and ISSB Test Guide are online provided.

How to Join Pakistan Army As A Long Short Course PMA and Soldier Online Apply Eligibility and ISSB Test Guide

Best Career in Pakistan Army Procedure Requirement and Registration Ranks by QualificationThe people who want to join Pakistan army through long course must check the eligibility criteria given

  1. Registration
  2. Initial test
  3. ISSB
  4. Medical 

the first step is the registration. All bio data is given inducing every minor detail. The registration is done during the given dates  or the respective army recruitment and selection centers. after the registration the slip is given to the candidate to appear in the initial test on the given date. Registration for PMA long courses starts during the month of July and Aug for even course ( can be changed ) and in the month of October and Nov for odd course ( can be changed) for TGC ( technical graduate course) during the month of may and June. for lady cadets during the month of June and July ( can be changed)


After the registration the candidates are called for the initial test. these tests comprise of many tests. which are:

  1. Online tests
  2. Medical tests
  3. Physical tests
  4. Interview

1)   ONLINE TESTS: The online test comprise of verble, non-verble , and academic tests. verble containing 94 questions to be solved within 30 mins, non-verble tests contain 96 questions to be solved in 30 mins and academic test includes 50 questions to be solved in 30 mins. verble and non-verble tests are based on common sense. like series questioning, odd man out etc etc. non-verble having the same common sense questions but related to pictures. shapes and sizes are given. the academic test includes questions from Pakistan studies, Islamiyat, general knowledge, maths, physics and English. examples are given below. the candidates passing the verble will proceed to non-verble and those clearing the non-verble will proceed to the academic. those who will pass the online tests will be sent for medical only. the candidate failing at any stage will be sent back at that stage and can only appear in the next course.


Q) which no will be next 2,  3 ,  5 , 7 , ___?

Q)odd man out( which is different) car , ship , train , aeroplane , bus , truck


(pictures will be given)

which is different (square , rectangle , octagon , hexagon , circle , pentagon )

complete the series (an arrow pointing north , an arrow pointing east , an arrow pointing south ,______)


Q) which is the capital of ethopia?

Q) who gave the 1962 constitution of Pakistan ?

Q) who compiled the Holy Qur’aan for the first time?

2)   MEDICAL TESTS: every thing regarding the body of the candidate is checked briefly by a doctor in the same center and on the same day. this includes height, weight, bones, feet, elbows, knees, skin, eyes, nose, ears, teeth, vocal cords etc etc.


all the candidates declared medically fit by the doctor will be called for physical on a separate date in a ground. where they will appear in 1 mile run in 8: 30 mins, 15 puch ups, 15 reach ups, 3 chin ups and ditch crossing. After clearing this test they will be called for an interview.


this is also called personality test. in interview the basic requirement is the confidence, respect, nature of the candidate which are tested. there are questions of general knowledge, fast mathematics and candidate’s personality. dressing and appearance are equally important.

The test come to the conclusion of second step of selection of the candidate for army. The forms along with the documents have to be submitted right here. The updates thus will be given online. The candidate will receive the call for ISSB 10 days prior to the reporting day.

  •   ISSB:

ISSB is not a small word, it stands for inter services selection board. this test is the most verstile and important and any one person can apply for ISSB only two times in his/her life. this test is responsible for the induction of any candidate in army, air force or navy. This test comprises of many tests taken in 4 days from a candidate. these tests are classified into three main parts. which are subdivided into many tests.



These tests are further divided into following tests

  1. sentence completion tests—– 3 sheets comprising of 26 incomplete sentences each to be completed within 6 minutes. two sheets to be completed in urdu and one to be completed in english
  2. word assosiation tests—– 100 word given one by  one with the time of 10 sec each. all to be completed in english only
  3. story completion tests——– three stories to be completed in 3.5 mins each in english only on the given sentence
  4. picture story tests—– three stories to be completed in 3.5 mins each in english on the given picture
  5. psychology interview


these tests are further

  1. group discussion—- either in english or urdu on the topic given by the GTO in 20 mins
  2. extempore speech—– topic given on spot by GTO. a candidate must speak atleast for 2 mins after thinking for only one min
  3. group planning—- plan to  be given by the complete group on the whole in 20 mins for the solution of the problem given in the model.
  4. progressive group task—- three tasks to be completed in 40 mins. given that all members and the material to be on the other side of the task… an outdoor task. to be completed under the rules given by the GTO
  5. half group task—- one task to be completed in 8 mins under the rules given by the GTO by a part of the group.
  6. command task—- one in command of the complete group. has to give the plan and guide and lead the group to complete the task in 8 mins under the rules given to him by GTO
  7. individual obstacles—- 9 obstacles to be completed in 2 mins
  8. final group task—-one task to be completed in 20  mins collectively under the rules given by the GTO in ENGLISH


Interview is taken by the duty commandant and lasts 15 to 20 mins. All details and qualities of personality are judged and examined by the interviewer

The all information regarding the army is given here for you. The updates will be helpful for you to get the wished positions at the army. The people must stay connected with us for all the updates regarding How to Join Pakistan Army As A Long Short Course PMA and Soldier Online Apply Eligibility and ISSB Test Guide.

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